Tuesday, May 6, 2014

BallsyWonder from Freesia Torres on Vimeo.

After a material investigation that consisted of beads and latex, I proceeded to a formal investigation with the intention of evoking a similar reaction as these two materials when combined, a subtle discomfort and curiosity.
By blurring the legibility of the familiar primitive forms, the observer or interpreter is forced to make a connection and therefore invited to create a story, to make a wild guess or to keep wondering.
The goal of this formality is not to obtain an "awe", instead it is supposed to incite a mild discomfort and will most likely be classified as "weird".

The building is composed of three main layers or components, each one with its own personality but yet belonging to each other. The inner most component is the membrane that separates the private space from the public. The structural component holds the public space all around the peripheral in the center of the building with undulating floor plate designed for an active public space where the circulation becomes the destination. The outermost layer is the skin, composed of three different systems of translucency and geometry.
The deformed spheres are the "bigger" and most flexible spaces that can be adjusted in accordance to needs.
The program of this "office" tower is to be more of an "open work" space, where desks can be rented hourly, daily and weekly. which I think is where the future of office buildings is going.

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